Friday, 24 June 2011

Rosminian sex abuse scandal: order shamed by BBC into issuing wretchedly inadequate apology

Fr Cunningham: confessed to paedophile crimes
Fr Cunningham: confessed to paedophile crimes

I’ve spotted this apology to the victims of child sex abuse on the website of the Diocese of Westminster; it’s from Fr David Myers, British Provincial of the Rosminian order which permitted Fr Kit Cunningham (above) and other priests to assault little boys in their schools in England and Africa.
I apologise without reservation on behalf of the Rosminian brethren in the UK to all those who have suffered. Such abuse was a grievous breach of trust to them and to their families. We are appalled by what was done to them.
I and all my brethren are deeply shocked at what has happened and acknowledge our inadequate response. We are committed to the pastoral care and support of those who have suffered abuse and to the procedures laid down by the National Catholic Safeguarding Commission.
Well, yes, Father, I’m sure you and your brethren were deeply shocked, particularly at the revelation that the loveable late Fr Kit committed unspeakable paedophile crimes. But you’ve known about all this for a long time, haven’t you? You knew about it when you – David Myers – preached a sermon at Kit’s memorial service, though you said not a word to the congregation. You knew about it when the Rosminians declined to pay compensation to the victims, on the grounds that (a) you didn’t have the money and (b) there were better uses for it anyway. Why did you wait for the BBC documentary to be aired before you apologised publicly?
I know more about this affair than has been made public. There are victims who have not yet come forward. I hope you and your order get taken to the cleaners by the victims’ lawyers, I really do.

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